Welcome to partyserver digital store!
All income from sales helps keep partyserver running.

Account name (ingame): Select / find account

Additional special features:
  • 3x money per kill
  • 3x spawn weapons ammo
  • 3x hunter fuel
  • Faster respawn time
  • Ability to see your shot hits (in /settings)
  • Custom additional spawn weapon
  • Ability to see who is spectating you (/viewers command)
  • Radar cloak - disappear from ingame radar (/cloak command)
  • Visual identification on who is attacking you (/settings option)
  • A special /label command - similar to /me command but doesn't disappear
  • Organize nickname groups to remove unused nicks from statistics page (set it up in your profile)
  • Custom avatar AND banner on statistics page (set it up in your profile)
  • Extra commands:
  • /newskin (skinid) (change character)
  • /pink (Changes car color to pink)
  • /carcolor (color1, color2) (changes car color)
  • /paint (color) (changes car color - simplified)
  • /nos Applies NOS to your vehicle!
  • /offroad (hydraulics and offroad wheels)
  • /pk - colors and rims
  • /red - car colors and rims
  • /sw - car rims
  • /neat - new wheels