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  • NO Cheating or unfair modifying your game (no cleos, no cheats, no bad mods).
  • DO NOT avoid death in an unfair way (pausing, car-bug, quitting, changing team, spectating or intentionally lagging (F8) when about to die or you are attacked).
  • DO NOT attack, carjack or annoy your team mates (NO shooting their cars / tyres, NO blocking them and NO parking on them).
  • DO NOT troll, insult, provoke, make racist comments or disrespect other players/admins
  • DO NOT Spam chat, no server adverts, duel invites (including /msg, /pm and /me)
  • DO NOT use the Slide' bug (this includes Sideways and Forward slide bugs) (but Cbug and 2shoot ARE allowed)
  • DO NOT attack or annoy players with spawn protection. That includes intentionally attacking them with fire or explosives.
  • DO NOT fake nicks to pretend you are someone else (includes [clan] tags in nicknames or nicknames similar to admin names)
  • DO NOT disrupt Events. Special rules apply there - behave as instructed.
  • DO NOT Artificially raise kill/death ratio, cash or any other stats (stats padding)
  • DO NOT enter the server if you get banned as that will lengthen your punishment. Post an appeal to get bans removed here:

ALLOWED (things that are often asked):
  • YOU MAY use driveby
  • YOU MAY helikill
  • YOU MAY use 2shot and cbug

Extra ammendments:
  • Intentionally not reporting a ban evader can result in punishment for you aswell.
  • Intentionally glitching your game (F8, pausing, other related tricks to avoid getting killed) is NOT allowed.

  • Use /report or the Discord #report channel if you think somebody is cheating or breaking these rules.
  • Report any server problems, bugs, glitches on this forum (You can win Donator status in this way)

  • Punishment for disobeying rules can be anything of this: (warning, mute (including permanent mute), jail time, modified account statistics, loss / removal of your account and all nick(s), kick, forced-kill(s), permanent ban)
  • Ban lengths can range from 1 day to permanent (never removed) depending on player history and offense you commited